" I think I am the first Western thinker who has dared to be absolutely skeptical with regard to our knowledge of the objective world, without at the same time renouncing world- and life-affirmation and ethics. "

Official Homepage of the AISL

(Association Internationale de l'oeuvre du docteur Albert Schweitzer de Lambaréné)

as farbThe aim of the AISL  (Association International de l'oeuvre du Dr. Albert Schweitzer de Lambaréné) is to disseminate information about the life and the thought of Albert Schweitzer and to maintain his legacy.

In the house of Albert Schweitzer in Gunsbach we have a small Museum and an Archive. On a guided tour you will be introduced to the life of Albert Schweitzer.

We are convinced his ethics of "reverence for life" is still of great, and perhabs even increasing, relevance to the world today.

Former vicarage

presbyThe old vicarage is now a meeting place and it's also a good place for your holidays.

Authentical and comfortable rooms, each one individualy equipped has his own toilette and shower.

In the morning we serve you an alsatian breakfest. At your disposal are a small kitchen, beds for childrens and Wlan.


room with breakfest: 1 person 50 €
2 persons 65 €, 3 persons 80 €.
Visitor's tax: 60 cts/per persontable d'hôte
Buffet meal from 6 Persons up: 15 bis 45 €
Please ask for the prices for seminaries or meetings.

More informations you can have on our site Internet Former vicarage.

Maison Schweitzer

museumIt was the starting point and the hub for the hospital in Lambaréné and the concerts and lectures of Albert Schweitzer in Europe.

Still today this house is the center for spreading out his ethic of «reverence for live» and his important work.
We guide you in the museum and tell you about the life and work of Albert and Helen Schweitzer and their hospital in Lambaréné.

Opening hours

thuesday till saturday, Dienstag bis Samstag, 9 am till 11.30 am and 2 pm till 4.30 pm.
Closed from 24th of december till 24th of january.

Entrance fee
5 € par person
4 € for groups about 10 persons

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