Developing collections

A donation for the collections?

As a museum and archive centre, the Maison Albert Schweitzer aims to study, develop, enrich, conserve and pass on its collections to present and future generations. It collects material traces and testimonies linked to the life and work of Dr. Schweitzer. The Association Internationale pour l’œuvre du Dr. Albert Schweitzer de Lambaréné (AISL), which acquired the collection, is responsible for its management.

Would you like to make a donation to enhance our collections? You’ve come to the right place!

In order to process your application as efficiently as possible, please fill in the form below as accurately as possible and return it to us. We will be sure to send you a message confirming that we have received it. Please do not send or deposit any objects or documents at the museum without our prior agreement.

Your proposal will then be carefully examined in the light of our acquisition policy. The decision will be sent to you within 3 months of receipt of your form.

Finally, the donation may be accepted in whole or in part. However, the Maison Albert Schweitzer also reserves the right to dispose of it as it sees fit and in a reasonable manner (either by sale, loan or exchange with another interested museum or cultural institution).

Thank you for your interest and desire to contribute to the enrichment of our cultural heritage.


The task of enriching a museum’s collections is governed by a number of rules and factors (human, financial and spatial). These factors are crucial to the optimum conservation of the artefacts entrusted to us. To care for the collections, you need time, qualified staff, appropriate conservation equipment and the necessary exhibition and storage space. The Schweitzer House is therefore committed to carefully and thoughtfully enriching its collections.

No “unauthorised”, unsourced, irrelevant or undocumented donations that do not respect this approach will be accepted.

We thank you for your understanding and consideration in this matter.

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