Hiking trails

Explore the Vosges landscape on trails dedicated to the memory of Albert Schweitzer. Discover two not-to-be-missed routes for walkers and hikers.

Kaysersberg-Gunsbach, the memory of Dr Albert Schweitzer

This 24.5 km trail joins Kaysersberg, Albert Schweitzer’s birthplace, to Gunsbach, where he lived. It has a vertical drop of 860 metres and can be hiked in around 8 hours. Hikers can follow trails marked out by the Club Vosgien, passing historic and natural landmarks such as the Linge Memorial, Lac Blanc and Lac Noir.

Walking and meditation trail in Gunsbach

For a shorter walk, discover the 920-meter meditation trail in Gunsbach. This walk follows in the footsteps of Albert Schweitzer. With 16 signposts, the walk takes around 40 minutes. It starts in front of the former Presbytery (3 rue Albert Schweitzer) and ends at the Maison Albert Schweitzer (8 route de Munster).