Exhibition “They were also Lambaréné”

From now until 4 May 2024, the Maison Schweitzer in Gunsbach is offering you the chance to discover previously unpublished portraits of various local employees of the Schweitzer couple in Lambaréné.

As soon as they arrived in Lambaréné in 1913, Albert and Hélène Schweitzer realised the importance of training local staff to help them with everyday tasks. This gave them enough time to look after the growing number of patients.

These loyal collaborators are often only mentioned in the margins of the hospital’s history or in isolated anecdotes. Yet Schweitzer himself was always aware of the inestimable nature of their work and its importance, and always expressed his gratitude to them.

Through this exhibition, we in turn wish to pay tribute to them because, after all, they were also Lambaréné.