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Chaussures d'Albert Schweitzer

A long way in the life of Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Don’t be fooled by its withered and tired appearance, it tells us from every angle about a long journey in the life of Dr. Albert Schweitzer. In 1913, wearing this pair of shoes, he set off on the first of a long series of journeys to Lambaréné in Gabon to found a hospital there. It was a life’s work, full of challenges, trials and achievements, which made him a true precursor of humanitarian medicine.

Mended on many occasions, they accompanied him from the consultations to the discovery of the virgin forest, but also in his practice of music on his beloved pedal-piano. Almost as tireless as their owner, they were still with him when he returned to Europe in 1917 and fascinate us more than a hundred years later with the marvellous insolence of a story that is told and told.