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Pastor’s dress

Not a crease…

Not a crease out of place and as ready for use today as it was yesterday, Dr. Schweitzer’s great pastor’s robe is unveiled as part of our permanent tour.

Awarded a doctorate in theology in 1901, Albert Schweitzer became curate at St-Nicolas church in Strasbourg and then director of the St-Thomas Protestant seminary. From 1902 to 1912, he even taught at the Protestant theology faculty at Strasbourg University. From 1905 to 1912, he was both a professor of theology at the faculty and a medical student, having started this new course at the age of 30. From 1921 to 1924, he assisted his father at the church in Gunsbach, preparing at the same time for his second move to Lambarené. It is from the steps of this church that this photo still shows his smile.